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Max Supply

1000000000 CRE

Issue Date


Circulating Supply



Cyberreits is an online real estate exchange platform powered by blockchain globally. The token that will be used across CYBEREITS platform is called CRE. It can be used to spend within the digital real estate platform. The platform also uses CRE for payment several service fees. Users will use CRE for rent administration. When purchasing CRE again at the quarterly base with fifty percent of exclusive proceed can be completed public statement of falling. It is developed in 3R access measures and connected with real estate agencies internationally. It also builds the real estate sources globally and makes the real estate marketplaces ready for exchanging the information. By blockchain innovation, real estate is digitally dismantled. The real assets are distributed directly without manipulation with smart contracts, actualizing real estate activities with cheaper inception and higher performance. Depending on Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies to create a better decentralized exchanging ecology, public payment ways for cryptocurrencies and physical spending of it, and reaching the point-to-point, trackable across transactions. Token designates to the public offering, bonus for the community, initial coin holders, development of business, investors for institutions, and team holders. While fund designates to market, operations, risk compliance construction, research, and development, etc.