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1000000000 RTE

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Rate3 provides cross-border payment and credit assessment services with a decentralized double agreement.

"Rate3 dual agreement" to the highest engineering design specifications, to ensure that the agreement to cooperate with all kinds of application, the movement of financial resources in the most efficient way, users can easily and without credit basis.

Rate platform has its own tokens (RTE tokens can be unified reward system, lifting platform with a variety of network virtual currency or digital tokens, compatibility, can also more easily management deputy block chain, side chain).

platform's own RTE token is not only the trading medium of this economic system, but also unified the rewards distributed to different users.

RTE token is not only a tool for exchange exchange and payment in the Rate3 network, but also a tool for the operation, evaluation, certification and distribution of rewards of this economic system. It is the operating fuel of the Rate3 network.