BitForex ranks 14th on the Coinmarketcap exchange, which is the fastest growing exchange in the world.

The latest exchange ranking on Coinmarketcap' shows that BitForex ranked 14th. According to reports, BitForex ranked 63rd in May and just over 40 in one month. According to the latest data at 22:30 on the 19th, BitForex was able to compare with 2 at 10:00 am on the 19th. Called the fastest growing exchange in the world.

The blockchain on the air outlet is gradually moving from the 2.0 period to the 3.0 period. We firmly believe that this is the stage for the growth of new things, people are gradually becoming rational, and what we are worried about the break, the bubble is the advance of the blockchain technology, and the new things are beginning to mature. We must believe that the high-quality blockchain project will inevitably bloom in the future, but it will take time to settle. Therefore, BitForex always uses a rigorous currency mechanism to select high-quality currencies for users.

Trade in the Moment, Invest in the Future. It is the consistent philosophy of BitForex that the current active trading can bring short-term benefits to the encrypted asset trader. High-quality projects are the direction of our long-term investment. The BitForex conducts smart contract security audits before the currency goes online to protect the assets of the entrants. A rigorous currency selection mechanism will lay the foundation for long-term investment.