BitForex new brand strategy will bring a solid upgrade to the blockchain market

In recent years, the focus on the blockchain industry has remained high. In particular, the publicity of the new millionaires and billionaires in the crypted asset market , attracting more and more users. BitForex, in a commitment to provide this users with a safe, professional, convenient cryptocurrency trading platform, and better serve the global users, developed a new brand strategy plan and a complete the platform upgrade starting on May 31, 2018 at 24:00.

A brand that have a soul!
In addition to the basic functions related with brand recognition, the new logo represents the spirit of BitForex adopting a pictographic and creative expression, and outlines the image of a bull’s head with full, riched and simple lines, symbolizing the rapid development and bright future of digital currency on BitForex trading platform.

The most expressive manifestation of the overall upgrade of BitForex is the platform interface, which is upgraded from a page with static interaction to a dynamic interaction page giving the user visual enjoyment, in addition to the changes in the movement, the function keys on the front of the platform are adjusted according to the user’s dynamic trajectory through tens of thousands of data simulation tests, removing the invalid interaction design, to achieve the minimalist style. Bring the ultimate user experience.

As a cryptocurrency trading platform, basic functions such as deposit, withdrawal, and exchange have become homogenized.

On this assumptions, BitForex will continue to work on high-quality blockchain project resources, all of which are strictly selected by the business and risk control team. The strict audit mechanism for investment is unique in the industry .
This is without doubt the blockchain era and BitForex will keep implementing its restricted and selective currency mechanism, 7 X 24 customer service response, international brand strategy goals, and safe, professional, and convenient product core functions to continue its advancement in the global encrypted asset trading market and better serve global users.

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6th June, 2018