BitForex will have major events in July!!

Mr. Daniel Rufini, overseas media director of BitForex, and Ms. Aurora Wong, co-founder of BitForex, received an interview by Byte Financial at the "World Blockchain Conference. Wuzhen" held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang on 29th June.

Daniel introduced to us that BitForex is committed to selecting high-quality currency for users, providing multi-language online services around the clock, and creating a safe and reliable trading environment with its unique full-cold wallet technology.

Ms. Aurora also disclosed that BF Token will be released in July and committed to creating an open ecosystem to share the benefits of ecological participants. BitForex is very confident that the original intention of BF Token is to enable BitForex users and ecological partners create a win-win situation.

Byte Finance will track global pre-sales and road shows of BitForex in mid-July.

BitForex Team

29th June, 2018