Trade in the moment, invest in the future!

Today we are launching a digest of articles for those who only took their first step into trading or even just think about throwing themselves in this kind of business.

Trading what?
Everyone who is interested in global news has heard of trading, but not everyone knows what it is. It is about to change. Below we will cover what trading is, why it is so easy, and how it actually works.

So, what is Trading?
Trading are activities carried out with the intention of obtaining good financial earnings. This kind of activity is carried out by people on special exchanges. Participants in these activities are called traders. In most cases, people who have money to invest are trading on these exchanges.

Who trades?
For example, a man has a good job or a successful business. He fully provides to his family, while he has savings or available funds that can be invested in some profitable business. Is keeping all the funds at the bank at an interest a good option? Maybe it is. However, nowadays we live in a time that any bank can suddenly go bankrupt, and if not — then inflation will eat part of that investment, which does not stimulate trust of such financial organizations in crisis period. What about having your own startup? Invest in real estate? These are often shortcuts, but they usually take a lot of money or too much time. And serious risks of course!

Why trading is easy for everyone now?
For those who have little familiarity with stock exchanges, it is not a secret that trading is an activity that is becoming more and more popular. Like the computer, this activity will soon be performed in every single home. After all, Internet gives access to online exchange platforms, which allows every network-user to try him/herself in this relatively new area for most.

Previously, access to a closed trading network could be obtained through brokers, who opened it only on request and for a good money. Of course, financial trading for ordinary people was something unattainable. Brokers played mostly large-scale or were useless (profitability went into negative, if the profit from the long-term transaction was less than 15 thousand dollars). But nowadays, any trader can take trading into their own hands. The trader himself determines the time in which he will trade, and he will take his profit himself. No middlemen!

That is why trading today is one of the most promising types of investments or way of making money. Anyone can open a laptop, open an account at #BitForex and learn how it works and make a profit! Do not let your money lie idle, or even burn out because of inflation — multiply it wisely by trading!

By: Ivan Shadrin

10th July, 2018